Content-Glass app is FREE to install on websites. 

Pricing Plan for Shopify App

Add-Ons are extensions running on top of CG API installed in a website. You can view and install Add-On apps from your app's preferences page. The price for using all the add-ons is $9/month. In this price you can install one or more add-ons, so price is inclusive for all add-ons apps, unless other fee is specified for some specific add-on, nearby install link. 

Charging program works as following: On the first time you install an Add-On app, we will create a $9 monthly charge on your Shopify account. The price will take effect after trial of 60 days. You can install ore add-ons from the available add-ons apps, and not additional charge will be created. If you do not want to pay anymore simply uninstall all add-on apps and the charges will be canceled.  So, there is no need to uninstall the entire app, for canceling the charges, only uninstall all add-on apps.